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There is a "closer to the truth," the ongoing PBS TV series (several books, is also a web site). It is hosted by neuroscientist Robert Lawrence Kuhn. He's featured in one-on-one interviews and group discussions with buttercream today's cosmologists, physicists, philosophers, theologians, psychologists around the broad themes of the trilogy all the big issues - cosmic; consciousness; meaning. Trilogy together on reality, space and time, mind and consciousness, aliens, theology, and and and. The following is yet one more general comment, although I cover different topics, physics and physical reality.
God and physics
So here we have this omnipotent entity, which of the largest greatest presence (ie - God), who is non-physical, who has existed forever (but not infinite, then), and in an eternal state start. So for some reason can not explain all of this entity has crossed the Rubicon in time by creating a physical universe, but the universe is not infinite, for absolutely no apparent reason is not because there is no "you in the end, why not, I'm bored." (I quote). You, the reader, how absurd sound any understanding? If you encounter this situation or philosophy, for the first time in a novel, you are right to question the author's sanity or medication. Stuart Weitzman Over The Knee Suede Boots
Eternity is a ridiculous impossible, because it would require an operating temperature of absolute zero (negate any possible changes are taking place, so the production time meaningless concept). Absolute zero state is not an actual implementation. If there is a change, even the smallest amount of time you have. I wish those who seek eternal pocket may use philosophical interpretation of their powers, pointing out a place in the eternal presence of the current state of the universe (S) (S).
From the eternal state to state time is anyone's shift changes (the minimum requirement of spiritual thought) unlikely since it had remained in the eternal state occurs, this is impossible. Before you want from your eternal state time status, you actually do it.
In addition, it is impossible to create an absolute no absolute thing, especially if you are non-material begins.
The actual non-physical thing, is nonsense. A "something" is the substance and structure of the real thing. Non-material "thing" is not related to the content and structure, but the concept of psychology. I can see Santa Claus, of course, it is a non-entity Santa Claus, but Santa Claus can not get from the spiritual reality of intangible physical reality changes. equally applicable to a non-physical spiritual concept of Maximum Maximum exist as Santa's case, just because you can imagine one of the biggest of the greatest presence does not necessarily make such a physical reality.
As unfounded
True believers point out that God created life, the universe and everything from absolute scratch, from absolutely nothing. Cattle!
From Nothing is impossible, on the grounds that 1) has never been done, implied or actual observation or experiment to prove my statement is incorrect; 2) there is no theoretical basis, which this situation might happen scenario. Faced based on the actual evidence, in theory, you can not create from scratch, or take it then true believers, such a thing is possible, what happened to believe that the choice, I would go with the former because they still did not answer something never a real explanation or argumentation problems. Their words are not good enough.
Stuart Weitzman Over The Knee Suede Boots No more philosophical nonsense. Evidence is absolutely nothing that can be created is now the name of the game. Now is the time to stand up in court or can accept the evidence in peer-reviewed scientific journal.
If I tell you, there is one on my driveway with little green men with ray guns stood a UFO from Mars, you would not believe me. If I say Santa came to my chimney on Christmas Eve, but did not leave me anything but I drank milk and ate my cookies (Bad Santa), you will not believe me. If I say my house is haunted, or my cat can understand calculus, you will not believe me, you're right I do not believe I have just said so. You will need a sincere, good faith hardcore evidence.
Thus, we turn the tables - the other shoe is your feet. I do not believe that true believers. I want to see their hardcore sincere, well-intentioned evidence.
Physical freewill
I might argue with those who think that the concept of who might suggest that there is your brain and your hair is no contact. Biochemistry of the brain in charge of habitat and bio-chemical control hair growth. If you are brain dead, then your hair will stop growing. There is a connection. Elementary, my dear Watson! In any case, if you have any headaches. The strange thing is that you will take two aspirin, and in the attempt to free will of your headache. If you have a brain tumor your free will away or see a doctor?
Sorry, but if the majority of bodily functions and movement or independent (digestion), unconscious (gag reflex), or instinct (such as who did not have time to think, just react sportsmen and women), then maybe all bodily functions and movement , action and reaction, are restored to the trilogy, there is no need to apply for a work free.
What is time?
There are those who believe that time is what some people say, that is. I say, eight hours later; my boss said, three hours passed. Someone, who is the boss in this case, there is time to define his overthrow my definition, because he is a good boss. So, so I think it wise enough to know that every entity, we call it a concept of time, who had lived and who is currently living, has made its own "what time is," and how to measure it definition. In the course of human history, it is only human limitations, which will reach about 100 one billion human individuals, each of whom have come up with their own version of "what time", and how to measure it, it is imposed on the owner of a small number of others, they duration. Wow! Because never absolute, there is only one person who should inherit the throne forever ready to use mountain, who has from the king Gog absolutely complete, it is how to measure it, I think that when there is the "when" there is no final determine the version. This is a case of different strokes for all different people.
God created time?
"Time" and structure, material things do not exist, so God did not create "time." "Time" is the invention of the word, a concept word, humans use to communicate with the change or the rate of change, or in other words sports words. If there is no change, no movement, it would be pointless to talk about "time" concept. Now, if you believe in the supernatural God (I do not) who created something never (if not impossible very illogical, even God Over The Knee Suede Boots), and some sports, therefore change, and then by the intricate chain one can say that God created who assigned the "time" concept word or quasi-cyclic movement cycle mode. Now, it was suggested that if God created something inside, then God exists "time", because if God is an eternal state, he can not do anything, or even move or swing a pious finger. However, if God exists "time", then he can not create a "time." So, no matter how you slice and dice the things that God did not create the "time."
Time travel possible?
Time travel from the future to any of its people in the past can not avoid interaction or changes in the past, even if you change only the local stream and the resulting "butterfly effect." However, all of the assumptions of our time-traveling tourists came close and personal. If they just observe from a distance - from the high-Earth orbit to say? Or from the surface of the moon? If our time travel tour just did watch some of the remote from the track said that thousands of years ago, which may not cause any likely outcome is that any actual intercourse or changes. This may be because of time travelers from the future there is a "Star Trek" Prime Directive impractical to comply with the local people and the local environment interact.
If you go back, kill who invented time travel facts before the people, and who is to say, the invention is not so, or will not be done alone by the others behind?
That will not stop you from the initial schedule, if you do not do anything to interact with the past, according to the view from high earth orbit. Your schedule will still probably still is for all those who leave your time frame, and there is no time travel back exists.
There is also a circular argument, by a time traveler from the future set of sports events in the past is essential to the production schedule of the sort of time traveler from in the first place.
Some people pointed out that a variety of unusual archaeological finds, like the human remains seams, as evidence of time travel from the future into the past has been achieved. I would be more impressed with human remains coal, if they have not yet had time that remains present in some high-tech gadgets have been found related. Human life in the mid 19th century in the coal seam found the phone will set the cat among the pigeons. Over The Knee Suede Boots
Finally, if it is so alien time traveler came to Earth. We are here, and now may be no interaction / change the way they do back here, then of course with any such interactions wise / changes will not aliens or alien planet schedule any repercussions . ET may not be what is significant for us in history events, so there is no interest in UFOs Alamo too. Maybe ET just time travel back to the era of terrestrial reptiles, because they love dinosaurs! Now, if a person to find one "little gray man" who ET, in Seam skeleton 2 million years ago, it would be interesting, to say the least.
Why did not it?
Why is there something rather than nothing? Nothing / Something issue is not an either / or question. At the same time the existence of things, you know! If everything in the universe (all of which are or ever will be) is something structural and material (ie - the standard model of particle physics), then the motion to change so there is the concept of time, may not occur. In order to allow some movement (ie - Other cities) must be able to move to where there are some of nothingness. If you will push you push something else, which in turn push aside other things which in turn pushed aside, but push can only occur if the end there are some uninhabited emptiness, you can push .
An electron can be arbitrarily smooth ride in the nucleus because the electronic way almost nothing. If there is something in its electronic speed / movement is retarded, it will lose energy, the core of the final impact. This is similar to how satellites orbit will have its orbit decay, because it eats into something (atmosphere) eventually lose sufficient speed and kinetic energy back into the atmosphere, it may burn up re-enter.
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There is absolutely no corresponding physical laws of the input method? In fact, in reflection, there may be at least three absolute laws of physics. The first is the speed of light. You can not be faster than the speed of light. This seems to be a very tough, fast and absolute laws of physics. This is to be fully documented second absolute rule is that the law of conservation. You can not create something out of nothing something nothingness also destroyed the material and structure. Matter and energy can only change clothing. The third rule is that cause and effect. Nothing happens absolutely no reason. Thou shalt have no impact; effect, though there should not be a reason not of.
Is our universe is false?
Some people say that the universe is infinite, it can not be simulated. In other words, any computer simulation of the universe must be as large as the universe. Unlimited simulation requires an infinite universe of computers. But the limited simulation can simulate a seemingly infinite universe. Your normal Planetarium do a good job in this regard. There is no way to be absolutely sure you know the universe is infinite size and duration, so it may be all of the virtual reality simulation. Limited computer / software compression forces create a finite element simulation.
What is a fine-tuning of the universe What does it mean?
The apparent fine-tuning of the universe can be easily explained by the analog setting. We are "live" simulation (virtual reality) has adopted its software programming universe fine-tuned to enable us to survive and develop in the virtual landscape? This is just like our video games are fine-tuned to make the characters and the players strut their stuff in a reasonably logical landscape. That being the case, there is no need to assume a supernatural God, no need to imagine a multiverse, without relying on luck of the draw; respect for safety - All odds Coincidentally, all the necessary life knob is set to be in good order . So, what is a fine-tuning of the universe What does it mean? This could mean a god of a multiverse or coincidence, but then again, this could mean, we just did not, in reality, we believe that we do exist. We dance to the beat of a computer programmer!
What is a fine-tuning of the universe What does it mean?
One can easily imagine, it is not a fine-tuning of life, but was widely tuned for life in the universe. This universe is teeming with life forms would not -AS-WE- omniscient, with chert life forms (such as "Star Trek: The Original Series" Horta concept), in the form of silicon life, as in Ge Gent - The -robot ("The Day the Earth Stood Still"), Fred Hoyle in his sci-fi novel "dark" concept, in the form of life in plasma, to life in the form of survival and development of liquid helium. You can eliminate all these possibilities from science fiction, they may jointly inhabited by a wide range of life-tuning of the universe. Because we do not know of extraterrestrial life forms, in fact, out there in our universe, perhaps our universe is life in general widely tunable, but only fine-tuning of us.
Something from nothing: Kodak Over The Knee Suede Boots
Just the mention of "creation of the universe" means the universe has scratch kickoff immediately started from nothing, thus creating, so now exist, did not exist before. Only the first - namely with the creation of the universe may have not yet exist, it is very ridiculous, because this word means what cosmic universe. This is like saying, just before the non-concept, that is with a baby may have a baby does not yet exist. Baby can not conceive that existed before. In the concept of nanoseconds, baby now exists. So, what creates the very behavior means. Nothing before the behavior. There scratch because nanosecond nanosecond time to start creation of a nanosecond, there is now something no transition. What does not always bring, then what relevance. It's silly to say, before you're pregnant you do not, because you are pregnant before you have no presence in anyone's philosophy exists. You just become you, you just become a something in pregnancy. You never because no one has yet existing may exist in which a bale.
The result is that I have no intention of something from nothing creative entertainment premise, when 100% of all observations and experimental data make it clear that the creation, in fact, demand from something. There is not even a theoretical way to generate something out of nothing, so any premises individually sealed the fate of things you can create from scratch. In my case, the concept is dead and buried.

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